PhD in South Africa ~

23 de febrero de 2011

PhD in South Africa

Two positions available at the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology
Institute (FABI), in association with the Department of Zoology and
Entomology, at the University of Pretoria. FABI is a world-class,
internationally recognized institute dedicated to understanding and
promoting health in native and plantation forests, with a strong focus on
insect and fungal ecology, genetics/genomics, systematics and biological
control ( Specific projects can be tailored
to student interests and background, but primary focal areas include: 1)
understanding population feedbacks between the introduced pine woodwasp
(Sirex noctilio) and various native and introduced organisms (including but
not limited to: pine weevils, bark beetles, fungi, and baboons), and 2)
assessing ecological and evolutionary processes driving insect community
overlap between native and exotic trees (e.g, spillover of introduced
insects from exotic hosts onto native trees, and host expansion/switching of
native fauna onto exotic plantation species). More information is available
upon request. Both projects are funded, and include a student bursary to
cover University fees and living expenses.

Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa, is a modern city
situated in the northern center of the country in the highveld (high
elevation savanna). The area is has a moderate climate with wet summers and
dry winters, is culturally diverse with 11 official languages (English is
the language of choice at FABI, where students come from over 40 countries).
The University is located within driving distance of many amazing locations
including the Drakensburg Mountains and Kruger National Park, with hiking
and biking (together with giraffe, wildebeest and all manner of fascinating
biodiversity) within the city limits.

PhD students will typically have completed an MSc degree (except under
special circumstances). An interest in insect, plant and/or fungal ecology
and evolution is essential, as is a working facility with English. Students
with a drivers license and field/lab experience preferred. Please send a
CV, statement of interest and a short writing sample to Dr. Jeff Garnas

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