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1 de mayo de 2004

Opportunity for a PhD studentship
to study conflict management in spider
> Eleven posts for PhD studentships are soon to be announced by University
>College Chester, England. Of the 11 posts only four to six will be funded.
>One of the posts on offer is to study conflict management behaviour in two
>communities of spider monkeys in Punta Laguna, Yucatan, Mexico. The monkeys
>have been studied for several years and are well habituated to observation
>and individually recognised. The study will be part of a long-term project
>co-ordinated by Dr. Colleen Schaffner and Dr. Filippo Aureli.
> Applicants should ideally have the equivalent of a 2.1 or 1st degree in
>Psychology or Biological Sciences (for students outside the United Kingdom
>this means a high degree final mark). Experience with field work, collection
>of behavioural data, primates and tropical countries is preferable.
>Knowledge of Spanish would be extremely beneficial.
> The award of the studentship includes a monthly stipend and some research
>expenses, while tuition fees are waived for students from EU member
>countries. The project will span a three-year period with two 9-month field
>seasons and one final year to write the dissertation.
> Applicants must be prepared to work in fairly harsh conditions and live in
>a small village of Maya descendants with primitive facilities, away from
>towns and
> amenities. Applicants should be physically fit and able to hike rough
>terrain for at least 6 hours per day and cop"

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