November 25, 2014

Lab & Field Technician Position (California, USA)

This position, at the USGS’ Menlo Park, CA, campus, assists the Soil Ecology Lab and Soil
Biogeochemistry group with fundamental research on soil carbon cycling.  The overarching goal is to
study the interactions among mineral assemblages, microbial communities, and carbon forms that
will ultimately inform next-generation carbon cycle models.

Two Ph.D Studentships available at the University of Liverpool, UK

Ph.D 1: Causes and evolutionary consequences of variation in fish colouration
This project will inform our understanding of how intrinsic factors or heritability and extrinsic factors such as diet play a role in maintaining colour polymorphisms and intraspecific variation in natural populations of the guppy
Supervisors: Dr Mike Speed, Dr Lynne Sneddon, Dr Tom Pottinger, Dr Donna Snellgrove and Dr Kath Sloman

Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry, Forest and Wildlife Research Center, Mississippi State University (USA)

Responsibilities: Responsibilities will include participation in the department's teaching program, research and service activities. The successful candidate will be expected to develop and teach both
undergraduate and graduate courses in forest ecology/biology, and may be asked to contribute to teaching in the Department's new undergraduate major Natural Resource Environmental conservation.