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Hey there!

My name is Fernando Mateos-González, and I am a Spanish biologist with a PhD in behavioral ecology.

My research focuses mainly on animal behaviour and conservation. I am particularly interested in the challenges that climate change is already creating for biodiversity.

I study these topics in several locations around the world (Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Americas), in a variety of organisms, mainly birds and fish.


In this blog you can find job offers, internships, volunteer opportunities, and calls for conferences, congresses and courses around the world. If you want to post a biology-related opportunity in Bioblogia.net, just send me an email to bioblogia@gmail.com with the information (and perhaps a photo) and I’ll post it right away.

Whenever I find the time, I try to help young biologists to find their way in our profession. I also enjoy sharing science and write posts related to my job as a biologist. Most of these posts are written in Spanish (but see below) and are aimed at students starting a career in biology or related areas. If you are interested in those posts, but cannot read Spanish, use the translating tool on the sidebar, or try to convince me to publish an English version :-)

Would you like to collaborate with bioblogia.net? Share your experience as a biologist or scientist! We'll write it together and publish it both in English and Spanish.

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