Ph.D.-studentship ~

26 de septiembre de 2005


Ph.D.-studentship available in the Botany Department, University of Hawaii-Manoa, starting
January 2006, for work on NSF-funded Biocomplexity project. The project focuses on the
hunting-mediated biodiversity impacts of the Macuxi people living in the savanna-forest
transition of Roraima state, northern Brazilian Amazon. The project will test the hypotheses that
traditional aspects of indigenous culture buffer the impacts of integration on resource use and
therefore on biodiversity by (1) quantifying social, economic, biological and land-use variables in
and around 30 Macuxi indigenous communities; 2) identifying statistical relationships between
social and spiritual factors, hunting practices, and the dynamics of medium- to large- body size
vertebrate animal populations; and 3) modeling the dynamics of the coupled hunting-animal- landscape system to identify driving processes, synergies between hunting and environmental
variables, and feedbacks between hunted populations to hunting practices. The student supported
by this fellowship will focus on the plant-ecology aspects of the project, and will work with Macuxi
assistants to collect data on 1) fruit availability for terrestrial vertebrate animals and 2) vegetation
categories along 4 km long transects at all 30 villages and at a control area at Maracá Ecological
Station. The student will collaborate with project researchers to incorporate data into mechanistic
mathematical models and spatially explicit GIS models. The student will also develop his or her
own research project to complement the overall project focus and will be able to support his or
her research with data gathered by other project members on game animal communities, hunting
pressure, fire and grazing regimes, among others. Fieldwork is expected to begin as early as
April-May 2006, and the student must be available for training starting January 2006. Field
conditions are physically rigorous and culturally challenging. Applicants for the position must be
physically fit, demonstrate a genuine interest in work with indigenous peoples, and have the
ability to either speak Portuguese or learn to speak Portuguese in a short period of time. The
project guarantees 4 years of support, including most of the field research needs associated with
work on the project. Interested persons please send application package including c.v., 2 letters
of reference, and a letter stating qualifications for and interest in the position to Dr. José M. Vieira
Fragoso at; (808) 956-4734; Botany Department, University of Hawaii at
Manoa, 3190 Maile Way, Room 101, Honolulu, HI, 96822. Application deadline is October 31,
2005. Electronic applications preferred; application materials should be sent as PDF attachments;
please ask references to send letters directly to Dr. Fragoso.

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