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29 de septiembre de 2005

Research Assistant Position

The Woods Hole Research Center has a Research Assistant position open with responsibilities in remote sensing and programming to support mapping and modeling of land cover/land-use change and ecosystem/dynamics.

Qualifications and Experience: Master's degree with relevant work experience. Background in Biology, ecology, environmental or earth science.
Required: Remote sensing, spatial statistics, advanced GIS. Preferred: Carbon/hydrologic/land-use change modeling, programming, WWW development. Communication skills: Spoken and written fluency in English and a strong desire to communicate results to general and scientific audiences.

Responsibilities: Support projects related to the use of remote sensing imagery in models of land-use change and vegetation carbon exchange. Process, manipulate and rectify a large volume of image data, develop algorithms and source code, and Q&A results. Work within a group setting to help analyze results, assess accuracy/uncertainties of image data products, integrate results into models, conduct and analyze model simulations, and synthesize and present results, including verbal presentation as well as assistance with the development of reports and publications and www material.

Application deadline: October 28, 2005
Start: January-February, 2006.

The Woods Hole Research Center's emphasis in research is on ecosystems and includes such global issues as biotic impoverishment, climatic change, sustainable development, the role of biotic resources in support of contemporary civilization, and the interactions of science and public affairs

Send, by mail or fax (508-540-9700 - no email applications), cover letter, resume, and list with name, mailing address, email address, and telephone for three references, to:

* Research Assistant Search
* The Woods Hole Research Center
* P.O. Box 296, Woods Hole, MA 02543

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