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What is this and who is behind it?

Hey there! My name is Fernando Mateos Gonzalez, and you can blame me for everything that doesn't work around this website. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by nature, and that led me to study a BSc in Biology at the University of Extremadura, in Southern Spain, arguably one of the richest wildlife spots in Europe.

After working for a while as a conservation biologist for both the private and civil sectors, curiosity lured me to research, and I ended up completing an MSc in Biodiversity and a PhD in Animal Behaviour at the University of Barcelona and the Natural History Museum of Barcelona (Spain).

Then, as a fully fledged scientist, I worked for several years as a postdoctoral researcher affiliated with the Evolutionary Biology Centre in Uppsala (Sweden), the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (Germany) and the University of Texas at Austin (Texas, USA).

This office wasn’t distracting at all!

My scientific interests are broad: behaviour, evolution, conservation, climate change… Lately, however, what decides where I go and what I do are mainly curiosity and the chance of adventure. I have made my dream true and I have become a nomadic mercenary biologist, offering my services only to the most interesting causes.

My basecamp, and my current main source of interesting work, is the Czech NGO ALKA Wildlife. We are an independent research team working for conservation through international scientific projects. Join our email list if you'd like to know more about our work!

Thanks to my career, I’ve been lucky to live and work in several countries in Europe, America, Africa and Australia, doing amazing things like tracking lynx in the snow, guiding expeditions in the Peruvian Amazon, canoeing down the Yukon River in Canada, diving in Lake Tanganyika, exploring the island of Trinidad and even working in the rainforest with the BBC for the latest Sir David Attenborough series.

This fun life required a lot of luck and friends, a truckload of work and a bit of studying… but the important thing is that it is possible! You can find amazing jobs as a biologist. And that’s why Bioblogia.net is here: to help you with your career :)

In this blog, you can find job offers, internships, volunteer opportunities and calls for conferences, congresses and courses around the world. If you want to post a biology-related opportunity in Bioblogia.net, just send me an email to fernando@bioblogia.net with the information (better with a photo!) and I’ll post it right away.

When I can, I try to help young biologists to find their way in our profession. I also enjoy sharing science and writing about my job as a biologist. Most of these posts are written in Spanish (but see below) and are aimed at students starting a career in biology or related areas. If you are interested in these posts, but cannot read Spanish, use the translating tool on the sidebar, or try to convince me to publish an English version :-)

Would you like to collaborate with bioblogia.net? Share your experience as a biologist or scientist! We'll write it together and publish it both in English and Spanish.

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