Coastal Zone Asia Pacific Conference 2004 ~

17 de mayo de 2004

Coastal Zone Asia Pacific Conference 2004

The second International Coastal Zone Asia Pacific conference is scheduled for 2-9 September 2004 in Brisbane Australia. The main theme of this event will be “Improving the quality of life in coastal areas” and will explore the following issues:

• Poverty and Sustainable Livelihoods
• Ecosystem Management
• Community Participation
• Resource Economics
• Integrated Coastal Management
• Coastal Communities and Cultures

More than 200 participants are expected from throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, the Pacific and the western seaboard of the USA, including representatives of marine authorities, researchers, natural resources management, educators, policy-makers, conservation workers and marine park managers. To find out more and submit abstracts to the event, visit The organizing committee is particularly keen to seek attendance and sponsorship for some of the events from international organizations and NGO representatives from developing countries. A web-based database of Coastal Management Resources in Asia-Pacific is planned, enabling users to exchange resources, case studies and solutions to integrated coastal management and research initiatives. The proceedings and action plan will be produced on CD-ROM and some of the papers presented published in an international peer reviewed coastal management journal.

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