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24 de mayo de 2004

Graduate Trainees
Graduate Trainees, to be trained as part of the ECMWF Graduate Training Programme
Goal of Programme:
The goal of the ECMWF Graduate Training Programme is to provide training at an advanced level for young recent graduates in areas related to numerical weather prediction.
ECMWF has currently two vacancies for Graduate Trainees for training in the fields of:
Modelling and Data Assimilation
Meteorological Operations
Applicants should normally come from National Meteorological Services, universities or research institutes in Member States or Co-operating States and must have the support of the National Meteorological Service. They must have completed higher education or equivalent accompanied by some relevant post graduate experience. During the stay at the Centre, which will be up to a maximum of two years, the trainees will work under close supervision in the above mentioned area on projects mutually agreed between the Centre, the sponsoring National Meteorological Service and the trainee. As the trainee will receive a bursary at the fixed amount of £1500 per month, continuous support from their home institution is essential during the duration of their stay at the Centre.

ECMWF Headquarters at Shinfield Park, near Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom


The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is an international organisation supported by 25 European States.*

ECMWF's principal objectives are the development of numerical methods for medium-range weather forecasting; the preparation, on a regular basis of medium-range and long-range weather forecasts for distribution to the meteorological services of the Member States; scientific and technical research directed to the improvement of these forecasts; collection and storage of appropriate meteorological data.

ECMWF's computer facility includes supercomputers, archiving systems and networks. A detailed description is available at:


The trainees will work on training tasks linked to ECMWF’s programme of work in research or operations.


Candidates must have completed higher education or equivalent and should have, in addition, relevant post-graduate experience in a national weather service or research institute.

Fluency in one of the working languages of the Centre (English, French, German) and a good knowledge of at least one of the two other languages is also desirable.

The Graduate Trainees will be recruited from among the nationals of the Member States or Co-operating States*.

A bursary of £1,500 per month will be paid by the Centre.

Starting date: 1 September 2004, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Length of contract: One year, with a possibility of an extension to a maximum of two years.

Applications: Application forms in pdf format can be downloaded from here(228kb) and completed on-line. Application forms can also be requested from the national meteorological services of the Member States and Co-operating States**. If you download, you may (if near to the closing date) e-mail the completed form only back to the Centre at Please note, however, that you must still send your full application form together with all the attachments to the Centre by post. Under no circumstances should you e-mail your attachments.

Closing date:Completed applications for this post must be submitted through the sponsoring National Meteorological Service and should reach the Director of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts at the above address not later than 14 July 2004.

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