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5 de junio de 2004


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A two-year postdoctoral position is available in my lab to study plant-animal interactions (sensu lato). The research topic beyond this general description is extremely flexible and is proposed by the applicant. A full range of interests are eligible, from use of genomic tools in field studies to the study of microbial impacts on food webs and communities, to anything in between.

Please send a no- longer -than 5 page proposal, 12 point font, CV, and the names and e-mail addresses of three references.

PLEASE send all materials electronically with the subject heading: Postdoc applicant (this will help me to separate spam from good stuff) to

Aside from interactions with my lab, there is large group of ecologists and evolutionary biologists here at UC Davis to serve as additional resources. Applicants are encouraged to look at local UC reserves like Bodega Marine Lab, Jepson Prairie, Quail Ridge and Mclaughlin Reserve and other field sites (Yolo Basin) as possible sites for their projects . Website:

I will start evaluating applicants on July 15th. Although there is no strict deadline, applicants are encouraged to have proposals submitted by then for maximal consideration.

Salary: $33,000 plus excellent benefits.

Feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

Position open until filled.


Sharon Y. Strauss,
Section of Evolution and Ecology,
2320 Storer Hall
One Shields Ave,
UC Davis,
Davis, CA 95616

ph: 530-752-8415
FAX: 530-752-1449

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