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21 de julio de 2004

2 Volunteers

The Instituto Ilha do Cajú Ecodesenvolvimento e Pesquisa is in need of one or two volunteers, biologists or similar area, who could develop a project with the environmental education for crab collectors or seaturtle monitoring. Any other project related with the region, will be also considered, subject to approval. Please, check website www.ilhadocaju.com.br

The volunteer should know how to speak english and portuguese or spanish and will have to work with no assistance. The volunteer will also be responsible on lectures to guests of the inn, about his specific project.

The project offers:
. accomodation
. all the meals, except soft drinks.
. laundry
. transport inside the island (horses or tractor)
. transfer to the island, as from Parnaíba, Piauí State, Brazil. If the volunteer comes from Teresina, São Luís or Fortaleza, the buses as from these cities to Parnaíba, will be paid by the project.
. minimum 6 months of permanence.

It will be necessary the payment of a fee of USD 150,00 to cover general expenses.

Please, send resumé to Valéria Braga, vbraga@provide.psi.br.

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