Principal Scientist for Manatee Demographic Modeling ~

24 de julio de 2004

Principal Scientist for Manatee Demographic Modeling

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Procedencia: Sherri Scott


Job Opening - Principal Scientist for Manatee Demographic Modeling
Location: U.S. Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC), Laurel, MD
Introduction: The Federal, State, and private agencies involved in research and management for the Florida manatee have recognized the need for a single core biological model of manatee population dynamics that captures the life-history of the manatee. Two efforts, the Federal Incidental Take (IT) model and the State of Florida's Biological Status Review (BSR) model, have laid the groundwork for a single integrated model.

Responsibilities: Johnson Controls has an open position to perform contract work for the USGS at PWRC. The individual will work in a collaborative team to develop and analyze an integrated demographic model for the Florida manatee, and will have primary responsibility for programming, simulation, sensitivity analysis, and report writing, as well as day-to-day communication with USGS principal scientists and other collaborators. Duties include:

· Finalize the first draft of the integrated population model, working from the existing models (IT and BSR). Preparation of the first draft will include development of MATLAB code to run the model, as well as preparation of a written document describing the model properties.

· Explore the performance of the integrated model through sensitivity analysis. Lead revision of the model based on these analyses.

The individual is expected to: (1) develop and refine the techniques used to investigate the research questions, (2) prepare comprehensive scientific reports on the results of research activities for USGS publication and administrative use, (3) author or co-author scientific manuscripts of significance for publication in scientific journals, (4) critically review manuscripts and proposals of other scientists in his/her areas of specialized knowledge, (5) attend national and international meetings to exchange information within the scientific community, (6) serve as an advisor to other members of the agency on matters pertinent to his/her specialized knowledge, and (7) provide technical assistance to Federal and state agency personnel working with manatees in Florida.

Qualifications: PhD (or higher), and a combination of education and experience equivalent to 1-year post PhD level study in biological, social, or physical issues related to natural resources. Supervisory experience is also required. Starting Salary: $54,000/yr with full benefits package including competitive compensation, medical, dental, 401(k), and other employee selected benefit options
Contact: Johnson Controls is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Individuals with the above experience and qualifications are requested to submit a resume and cover letter by 8/20/04 identifying the position/location and for which you are applying and code PWRC1016, via fax, or email including your name, postal and email addresses, and phone number for consideration
Johnson Controls World Services Inc.
USGS Project Office, Attn: Sherri Scott
(321) 784-7264 (fax)

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