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27 de julio de 2004

Research Associate

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Procedencia: Thomas E. Kolb


Research Associate
School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University

General Information: A position for a Research Associate is open in the School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University (NAU). The Research Associate will work with an interdisciplinary team from the Forestry and Biology Departments at NAU consisting of Drs. Tom Kolb, Mario Montes-Helu, George Koch, Steve Hart and Bruce Hungate, and graduate students on a project supported by the North American Carbon Program and USDA CSREES National Research Initiative. The overall objective of the project is to understand effects of disturbance by forest management and wildfire on fluxes of carbon dioxide and methane in Arizona ponderosa pine forests. Funding for the position is available for 3 years with possible extension depending on grant funding. The position is available September 15, 2004. The position is located in Flagstaff, Arizona on the NAU campus.

* Collection of field data (e.g., plant growth and leaf area, soil
* Calibration, installation, and maintenance of micrometeorological and meteorological instruments in an eddy covariance tower system
* Repair and troubleshooting of scientific instruments
* Design, construction, and maintenance of photovoltaic and power systems, and other electronic equipment
* General experience with machine shop work
* Management and analysis of large data sets with database, spreadsheet, and statistical software
* Maintenance of field and laboratory records of sensor calibrations, performance, and site visits
* Experience with web design for data access
* Assist in preparation of research articles for publication Minimum Qualifications
* PhD in Forestry, Ecology, Engineering or a closely related field
* An equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education Desired Qualifications
* Experience with collaborative research
* Experience with ecosystem-level ecological research
* Experience with eddy covariance systems
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
* Knowledge of principles and techniques of ecosystem-level research
* Skill in field ecology research
* Skill in use of micrometeorological and meteorological instruments
* Skill in management, analysis, and evaluation of data
* Skill in preparation of research presentations and publications
* Ability to work independently outdoors in harsh weather
* Ability to work with people from a variety of culturally diverse backgrounds
* Ability to communicate effectively
Salary: $36,000 per year with 5% yearly increases; health and retirement benefits More information: Contact Tom Kolb (; 928-523-7491)
Application: Application materials will be available at:

Thomas E. Kolb, Ph.D.
Professor of Forest Ecophysiology
Coordinator of Academic Programs
School of Forestry
Box 15018
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Tel: 928 523 7491
FAX: 928 523 1080

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