29 de julio de 2004


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Cooperative
Research Unit is based out of the University of Florida in Gainesville and oversees several ongoing wetland-related research projects. We are seeking a highly motivated field technician to assist with the long-term study of the endangered Snail Kite. We are monitoring the Snail Kite population via mark-recapture and radio telemetry methods as well as making behavioral observations and collecting data related to foraging ecology. Field work for this project is conducted throughout the wetland ecosystems of central and south Florida from the Kissimmee chain of lakes in the north (near Orlando) to the Everglades in the south (near Miami). The field work involves the extensive use of airboats. Applicants must be willing to work LONG, flexible hours in a hot, humid environment. (Some days involve working from Sunrise to Sunset). Additionally, five days a month radio telemetry surveys are conducted from a small airplane; therefore, applicants should have a strong stomach. All of the necessary training will be supplied, including airboat operation and maintenance. Duties include: behavioral observation, radio telemetry, mark-recapture surveys, nest searching, data entry, and maintenance of field equipment and boats. Assistance on peripheral projects may also be required from time to time, including vegetation sampling in the Everglades and identification of plants in the lab. Salary: $1600/month + housing Housing will be provided in southwestern Miami near Homestead. Applicant should be comfortable living with a few other coworkers.
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Ecology, Biology, Environmental Science, Wildlife, or a related field. This position starts in early Sep 2004 and runs until Jan 2005 Interested persons should send a resume with cover letter, three references, and GPA (if available) to CHRIS CATTAU (EM: by 15 Aug 2004 For questions see our website or contact CHRIS CATTAU via email (preferred) or by phone (EM:, PH: 305-969-1737)

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