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22 de julio de 2004

Voluntariado en las Islas Galápagos

TWO GALAPAGOS RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS are needed for assistance with a PhD project studying the mating system of the Galápagos Mockingbirds, Espanola Island.
Fieldwork extends from Jan to May, 2005. It involves color-banding birds, finding and observing nests, recording social interactions and behaviors of territorial birds. It is expected that the volunteers will have strong work ethics, experience working under rough and isolated conditions, observing bird behavior, identifying color-marked individuals, and interest in behavioral ecology and evolution. Maturity, self-motivation, an out-going personality, and experience working with international teams composed of researchers of diverse backgrounds are also important. Spanish is a plus but not essential. International volunteers are responsible for paying their own travel to and from the Galápagos. The fieldwork requires camping at a single location in the south-eastern tip of Espanola Island, Punta Cevallos. All general camping gear, except for personal items and binoculars will be provided. Logistic support while at the field is provided by the Charles Darwin Research Station. The reward of providing research assistance at the famed Galápagos Archipelago is not only working in a breathtakingly beautiful site but also the privilege of working up-close with Galapagos avifauna. Please address your application to ILONKA VON LIPPKE, University of California, Los Angeles, not later than 1 Nov 2004 by e-mail (EM: ilonka@ucla.edu); including the following information: 1) A cover letter stating your interest and skills; 2) A resume, including your e-mail address; 3) Your understanding of the conditions and cost; 4) Three references (including phone numbers, e-mail addresses and association).

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