22 de julio de 2004


Available during fall 2004 (20 August- 28 October 2004) to help the Atlantic Bird Observatory monitor migration. Our research stations are located on two islands off southern Nova Scotia, Canada. Bon Portage Island is an Important Bird Area and supports a very large Leach's Storm-Petrel colony (over 50,000 breeding pairs). Seal Island is well known by birding communities as being a hotspot for vagrants. The main focus of our research is dedicated towards monitoring passerine migration. However, there are also raptor, seabird, seaduck, shorebird and waterfowl movements detected. This research involves daily mist-netting, banding and census. An intensive training period on mist-netting, handling techniques and banding is included. Applicants should have a basic knowledge of biology and ornithology, a willingness to work long hours while living in remote field camps, and be able to work well with others. For long-term volunteers (more than one month) food and accommodations are provided. For short-term volunteers (less than one month) there is a $10/day charge for food and housing. To apply send a resume to TRINA FITZGERALD, Atlantic Bird Observatory, Acadia University, Dept. of Biology, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada B4P 2R6, or fax: 902-585-1059, or email: trina.fitzgerald@acadiau.ca. Please see our website for more details on the position and application requirements: http://landscape.acadiau.ca/abo/ or contact Trina Fitzgerald for more information.

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