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19 de agosto de 2004

AVIAN BIOLOGIST/RAPTOR TECH (1-2 positions available):

for fall visual raptor survey in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. Start
Date: 23 Aug 2004. End Date(s): study dependent, between 15 Oct and 30 Oct, 2004. Identify migrating raptors (primarily hawks) from 0900 to 1500 on three consecutive days following cold fronts and record data required by the Hawk Mountain observatory data form. Should have raptor flight ID experience and skills. Avian biologist or avid experienced hawk watcher preferred but will train if necessary. Some uphill hiking (<1 mile required). Will also assist with maintenance of avian radar system for 2-4 hours per. Assist with data preparation on non-survey days and be able to fill in occasionally for nighttime avian radar and/or thermal camera operator (on-site training provided). Estimated weekly hours: 30-40. Salary: $15-20.00/hr. Housing and daily food allowance provided.
AVIAN RADAR OPERATOR (1 position): for avian migration songbird study in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. Fall Start Date: 23-30 Aug 2004. Fall End Date: not later than 30 Sep 2004. Primary responsibility to ensure proper night radar operation for night songbird radar survey, identify approaching birds on horizontal and vertical radars, and turn on thermal imaging camera and log when birds are in appropriate range, and archive relevant data. Onsite training provided for radar and thermal imaging operations. Also may required to monitor radar system for support of day raptor surveys. Should be familiar with Windows, computer networks and systems. There will be a Spring 2005 radar survey in May-Jun 2005, exact schedule TBD; operator from Fall survey in leading candidate for Spring survey. Site access via ATV or hiking (< I mile). Schedule: four nights (10 hr. shift/night) and one night off. Estimated weekly hours: 40.
Salary: $15.00 - 20.00/hr (depending on experience). Housing and daily food allowance provided. Prefer you visit our website to submit your application
(URL: http://www.geo-marine.com/careers). Or you may Email me at hr@geo-marine.com. We are currently only accepting US Citizens or persons authorized to work in the United States.

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