FIELD ASSISTANT NEEDED (1) Tiputini Biological Station, Amazonia Ecuador ~

31 de agosto de 2004

FIELD ASSISTANT NEEDED (1) Tiputini Biological Station, Amazonia Ecuador

Seeking volunteer field assistant from 17 Nov 2004 - 6 Apr 2005 for research on reproductive success and mating skew of manakins in Tiputini Biological Station, Amazonia Ecuador. Research addresses hypotheses about variables that are affecting the reproductive
skew of Pipra pipra. Moreover, research will aim to compare difference in
mating success of males using direct (microsatellite markers) and indirect
(observational data) methods of paternal assignment. Fieldwork involves
surveying manakins, use of mist nets to mark and bleed individuals, behavioral observations, radio tracking, nest searching and territory mapping. Applicants should have a strong interest in birds, field biology, and be prepared to work long days. You should be able to follow prescribed protocols, be meticulous in collecting and recording data, be in good physical condition, work both independently and closely with others, and possess good communication skills. Experience with nest searching and behavioral observations is preferred; a basic knowledge of Spanish is necessary. If you have radio tracking experience, great! I am seeking a motivated individual who is able to work a minimum of 2 months. Assistants must arrange for their own travel to Ecuador; travel within Ecuador, food,
and accommodation will be provided. To apply, please send (via email) a
letter of interest, resume, and contact information for 3 references (please send in the body of the email; not as an attachment) to: WENDY P. TORI (EM: Deadline for application: 20 Oct 2004

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