PAID INTERNSHIPS Condor Recovery Program ~

31 de agosto de 2004

PAID INTERNSHIPS Condor Recovery Program

available throughout the year for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, California Condor Recovery Program. Interns will be required to: work as a member of a team; use radio telemetry to locate and track radio-tagged condors; assist in the handling of condors for replacement of radio-tags and blood collection; lift 60 lb carcasses into vehicles and hike them out into remote areas; construction and maintenance of trails, condor release/holding facilities and other structures; work in extreme weather conditions in remote areas independently; keep accurate records and maintain a daily field notebook; do routine office work. Knowledge/Experience required as follows. Essential: a valid drivers license; a strong interest in wildlife management and related issues. Preferable: experience in remote field locations; 4WD vehicle experience; ability to drive standard transmission; ATV driving experience. Interns are required to commit to full-time work for a minimum of 6 months. Start and finish dates are flexible throughout the year. Ten days on, four days off in a two week period is standard. Lodging is provided on refuge in a remote location during the work shift, must use own vehicle for travel to the Refuge on days off. Stipend payment for interns is $45.00 per day. Please send cover letter, resume, dates of availability, and three references to: For more information phone (PH: 805-644 5185)

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