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27 de agosto de 2004

Quantitative Ecologist for the National Capital Region Network

The Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) Program of the National Park Service seeks a Quantitative Ecologist for the National Capital Region Network. The Network encompasses 11 parks in the greater metropolitan Washington, DC area, extending into Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. This is a 4-year, full-time position (GS-408-12), with an annual salary between $60,638 - $78,826 depending on qualifications. The position will be duty stationed at the Center for Urban Ecology in the Georgetown area of Washington DC.

The incumbent serves as senior quantitative ecologist for the National Capital Region Inventory and Monitoring Program. The successful candidate will oversee the statistical quality of an ecological monitoring program and be expected to use advanced mathematical statistics, sampling theory, experimental design, and quantitative computer applications. He/she oversees the development or assessment of monitoring protocols for quality in experimental design, statistical rigor, and scientific merit. Other duties include the design and analysis of scientific studies to monitor focal species, water quality, and ecological communities of the mid- Atlantic. The incumbent will represent the National Capital I&M network as an expert in the field of applied statistics as pertaining to ecological monitoring principles, on the issues of state, national or international significance.

Requirements include:
� Ph.D. in a ecology, biometry, statistics, or related area of study � Demonstrated knowledge of ecological monitoring principles and quantitative skill in experimental design, ecological field methods, and techniques relating to statistical power and change detection. � Demonstrated ability to synthesize, analyze, and interpret large, complex ecological data and to effectively communicate, disseminate, and implement results into management action. � The ability to work independently as a key official on contracts and agreements that support regional monitoring investigations.

How to apply:
The position is open through September 14th 2004. Application forms and detailed application instructions are available at the USAJobs web site (www.USAJOBS.opm.gov; vacancy announcement NPS-NCR-04-27). Further information about application requirements may be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Division, National Capital Region, National Park Service at (202) 619-7234. More details about the National Capital I&M program can be found at: http://science.nature.nps.gov/im/monitor/index.htm or by contacting Shawn Carter (202) 342-1443 x227.

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