Songbird banding at Delta Marsh Bird Observatory ~

19 de agosto de 2004

Songbird banding at Delta Marsh Bird Observatory

EXPERIENCED VOLUNTEERS needed for September for songbird banding at Delta Marsh Bird Observatory (DMBO). Located on a narrow forest ridge between the southern shore of Lake Manitoba and Delta Marsh, DMBO is a high volume banding operation with up to 6000 birds being banded in the fall and big bird days with 200 to 300 birds banded. You can expect high numbers and a good variety of warblers, flycatchers, vireos and thrushes. If you love birding, you will love Delta! The banding site is not physically demanding but you will need to be able to ride a bicycle for net checks. Volunteers will be provided with room and board at the University of Manitoba field station. Please submit a letter of interest to outlining your previous banding experience including, stations visited, number of birds banded and extracted, abilities to identify birds by sight and sound, plus one to two references.

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