Workshop: Introduction to Distance Sampling for Ornithologists ~

30 de agosto de 2004

Workshop: Introduction to Distance Sampling for Ornithologists

11-14 January 2005, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
This four-day workshop is intended to train participants in the latest methods for the design and analysis of distance sampling surveys. Distance sampling is a widely-used group of closely related methods for estimating the size and/or density of wildlife populations. The workshop is introductory, but we will teach some more advanced material on the last day. The material is particularly aimed at ornithologists, but will be useful for anyone interested in surveying, monitoring and managing wildlife populations. It is taught by leading researchers in the field from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and is hosted by the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station and School of Forestry at Northern Arizona University.
For more details, please see the above web site, or contact Rhona Rodger, Workshop Organizer, CREEM, University of St Andrews, The Observatory, St. Andrews, Scotland KY16 9LZ. Tel:+44 1334 461842. Fax: +44 1334 461800. Email:

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