Graduate Research in Tropical and Theoretical Ecology ~

13 de septiembre de 2004

Graduate Research in Tropical and Theoretical Ecology

A four-year Graduate Research Assistantship at the Ph.D. level is available starting January 2005 to participate in research investigating ecological complexity, biodiversity, and stability questions using natural and experimental rock pool microcosms in Jamaica. See This for additional information about the past and current research on these topics.
Possible thesis projects could focus on a variety of topics, from tests of the role of metacommunities on local diversity and stability, patterns of migration, allometric structure of ecosystems, or nestedness of distributions on the distribution and persistence of species in the system to community integration and change patterns over time.
Qualifications: M.Sc. degree in biology or equivalent and background in aquatic biology, theoretical ecology or mathematics, and interest in spatial ecology. Strong quantitative, analytical and communications skills also needed.
Minimum stipend: Canadian $19,000 per year. Exceptional foreign students
are eligible for a tuition waiver.
If interested, contact Dr. Jurek Kolasa in the Department of Biology
Application: Details on application procedures can be found at Here.
General information about the University can be found at

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