International Ocean Research Conference ~

7 de septiembre de 2004

International Ocean Research Conference

The Oceanography Society and UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic
Commission invite everyone to join us in Paris Spring 2005 (June 6-10) for
the International Ocean Research Conference. The goal of the meeting is to
reflect on how far oceanography has come while also looking into the future
for the exciting science and educational opportunities in the coming decade
of international collaboration. The current science program spans from
genomics, geotracers, harmful algal blooms to evolutionary oceanography.
Special sessions are also planned for the Arctic and the Black Sea. While
the schedule is quickly filling up, those wishing to propose to a special
session should contact the co-chairs Oscar Schofield
( or Catherine Jeandel
( Abstract submission deadlines as
well as the evolving science program will be updated at the Oceanography
website (
<> ) as information becomes
available. Join us for great discussion, debate, and camaraderie!

Jennifer Ramarui
Executive Director
The Oceanography Society
P.O. Box 1931
Rockville, MD 20849-1931
tel: 301-251-7708
fax: 301-251-7709
web: <>

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