Post- doctoral position in Plant-Animal Interactions / Community evolution ~

4 de septiembre de 2004

Post- doctoral position in Plant-Animal Interactions / Community evolution

A two-year post-doctoral position is available to work with me (and my lab) in plant-animal interactions. Potential projects include multi-trophic interactions such as herbivore-plant-pollinator interactions, as well as integrating below-ground and above-ground webs. The evolutionary ecology of these interactions will also be considered. While I have several different projects in mind, I am open to your ideas and specific interests, including the use of genomic tools. I am looking for an interactive person who still enjoys research independence.
UC Davis is an exciting place to be an ecologist and evolutionary biologist; it has several great seminar series and lots of terrific colleagues.
Start date is flexible, but sooner is preferred over later.
The pay is $33,000 with good benefits.
Please send-- via e-mail only- a CV, one to two paragraphs on your research interests and a list of referees with their e-mail addresses to <> Please use the subject
line: "Post-doc applicant" so that I can discern applications from SPAM.
Application deadline: Nov 15th. Position open until filled.
Sharon Strauss
Section of Evolution and Ecology and
Center for Population Biology
UC Davis
Sharon Y. Strauss,
Section of Evolution and Ecology,
2320 Storer Hall
One Shields Ave,
UC Davis,
Davis, CA 95616
ph: 530-752-8415
FAX: 530-752-1449

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