POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCHER in Population genetics/Molecular Ecology ~

4 de septiembre de 2004

POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCHER in Population genetics/Molecular Ecology

A Post-doctoral researcher is required for a project on population genetics and molecular ecology in bladder-wrack (Fucus vesiculosus, a marine macro algae) during the period October 2004 to August 2006, at the Department of Marine Ecology, Göteborg University. The project is funded by grants to Kerstin Johannesson & Lena Kautsky The position is available at Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory, a research station at Göteborg and Stockholm universities, on the west coast of Sweden. The project will use microsatellites to evaluate population structure in the marine brown algae Fucus vesiculosus and particularly in populations of the Baltic. Fucus vesiculosus is a keystone species of shallow marine hardbottom communities in the Baltic. Preliminary studies show a high degree of substructure as well as reproductive isolation between the normal and a dwarf morph confined to northern parts of the Baltic. Moreover, the dwarf morph reproduce asexually
using prolifications growing from the stem. This is an hitherto unknown strategy and one aim of this project is to investigate this strategy in more detail to unravel how and where it has evolved and why. We will also assess the distribution and taxonomic status of the dwarf morph to clear out if it is endemic to the Baltic. Clonal reproduction is present also in the normal morph suggesting that this is a unique adaptation to extreme environmental conditions, such as low salinities. The successful applicant should have a proficiency in microsatellite analyses and DNA sequencing methods. It is also essential that the applicant has a proper theoretical background in population genetics and is experienced with computer-based tools of analysis. Knowledge in screening of genomic (BAC) libraries, cloning and subcloning and making
cDNA libraries is valuable for the proper development of this and related projects and will be judged as a merit. For further information please contact Kerstin Johannesson
( a general information about the research station please consult Application Applications, including CV, a choice of three-five relevant
publications, the names, postal and e-mail addresses of two academic referees, should be sent to: Registrator, Göteborg University, Box 100, S-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden, stating reference number E36 3356/04,no later than 22 of September 2004.
Union representatives: SACO Jan Berggren, tel +46 31 773 1078, SEKO Lennart Olsson, tel +46 31 773 1173, OFR-S Eva Sjögren, tel +46 31 773 1169.

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