19 de septiembre de 2004


NEON Project Office
American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)
Posted: September 2004
AIBS has immediate openings for postdoctoral associates from a range of=20 disciplines to participate in the design of the National Ecological=20 Observatory Network at its newly established office in Washington DC. NEON= =20 is a continental scale research and education platform that will enable=20 ecologists to address important questions across broad spatial and temporal= =20 scales and across all scales of biological organization. Website:=20 .
We are seeking creative, versatile, dynamic and highly motivated=20 individuals with a Ph.D. that have direct experience and interests in=20 ecology or the environmental sciences, ecological education, computer=20 science, engineering (including design and integration of networked=20 embedded sensors), or development and management of scientific enterprises= =20 and consortia.
Successful candidates will work out of the Washington office and travel=20 extensively to work with a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers= =20 and educators and will contribute intellectually to the design of this=20 national resource=ADincluding the science agenda and education program, the= =20 facilities and infrastructure (e.g., instrumentation, computers, networking= =20 and informatics), and the development of the legal entity that will build=20 and manage NEON. The positions come with an attractive stipend and can last= =20 for one or two years.
Send cover letter and curriculum vitae and three reference to: NEON Project= =20 Office, attn.: PDA Search, AIBS, FAX; 202-628-1509,, 1444= =20 Eye St. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005. Preferred starting date,=20 Sept/Oct 2004.
Founded in 1947, AIBS is a non-profit scientific association dedicated to=20 advancing biological research and education. Its membership consists of=20 approximately 6,000 biologists and 80 professional societies and other=20 organizations; the combined individual membership of the latter exceeds=20 240,000 biologists. AIBS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified women,= =20 minority, and disabled applicants are encouraged to apply. Website:=20 .

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