Thanks for a great day! ~

14 de septiembre de 2004

Thanks for a great day!

Nacho and me made a guided tour in Monfragüe for these danish and english friends some months ago, and we have just received the photos... Thanks a lot!
We had a very pleasant time, watching a lot of bird species like Griffon, Eurasian Black and Egyptian Vultures, Black Stork, Short-toed Eagle... we found many amphibians and reptiles too, and that famous Monfragüe little fox, while we enjoyed the sights from Monfragüe's Castle...

Monfragüe is known as one of the most important places to watch raptors in Europe.
If you are interested in knowing Monfragüe, or other top nature sites in Extremadura, contact Nacho or me, and we'll help you to enjoy a fantastic nature trip.

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