22 de septiembre de 2004


- Chaco, Argentina. Join the on-going
long-term monitoring project of Blue Fronted Parrot (Amazona aestiva)
breeding ecology in the in Gran Chaco, Argentina. Two (2) volunteers
needed: from 1 Nov 2004 to 15 Feb 2005 (minimun stay 1 month ). The
study takes place in the Dry Chaco, a thick thorny forest known as the
"Impenetrable" which hosts a rich variety of neotropical fauna including
over 300 species of birds and mammals such as the impressive jaguar.
Good chances to see anteaters, brocket deers and armadillos. Besides, a
great opportunity to get to know some Argentina while gaining experience
in a variety of field ornithology methodologies. Duties include daily
nest-checking assistance (tree-climbing), territory spot mapping,
banding, blood and diet sampling, parrot point counts, conducting
behavioral observations, conducting fruit censuses and data entry.
Applicants must be responsible, self-disciplined, tolerant to extreme
weather and insects, willing to work in group and able to stay at a
remote place without long distance comunication facilities such as
phones nor internet. Setting at the reserve is basic (rustic
conditions). Bird handling experience and Spanish speaking applicants
may be preferred but not required. Volunteers are met in Castelli –
Chaco Province (buses from Buenos Aires every day) or Buenos Aires
(depending on the date) and are required to pay a US 85 / week fee which
covers accomodation at camping facilities, all meals, required working
equipment and helps defray costs from the project. TO APPLY: Send cover
letter and resume to aaestiva2002@yahoo.com.ar Feel free to contact us
for further information.

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