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15 de septiembre de 2004

Whale and Dolphin Research trip to the Seychelles

Join Sea Life Surveys on our first 'Seychelles Explorer' research trip. This is an exploratory cruise to find out more about the whales and
dolphins that are found in the Seychelles. Until now, there have been
only two limited surveys undertaken in the area. These surveys indicate it is a very rich area with up to 25 different species of whales & dolphins recorded. However, more information is required about this important area which forms part of the Indian Ocean Sanctuary.
The research cruise is aboard the 120ft MV Indian Ocean Explorer from which we will be conducting visual surveys, photo identification and acoustic searches for whales and dolphins. We will also be collecting whale shark data and undertaking bird counts. In these projects Sea Life Surveys works closely with local conservation groups in the Seychelles including Marine Conservation Society Seychelles and The Nature Protection Trust Seychelles.
We are looking for up to 14 people to assist us in learning more about these little-studied waters. If you want to be part of this exploratory cruise email seychelles@sealifesurveys.com or go to www.sealifesurveys.com for more information. Trip departs the UK 21st November 2004.

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