Biological Technician/Educator ~

9 de octubre de 2004

Biological Technician/Educator

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The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation
( has one full time position opened. We are looking to fill the position as soon as possible.
Please send your resume and references to:
The Riverhead Foundation for
Marine Research and Preservation
Attention: Julika Wocial
467 E. Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901
tel. 631-369-9840
fax. 631-369-9826
Job description:
Biological Technician/Educator
A candidate for this full time position should have a bachelor's degree in biological sciences or related fields, be able and willing to work long and flexible hours and be on 24 hour call. The candidate should be able to lift at least 50 lbs and work in the field under various weather conditions. In addition, the candidate should be self motivated, have a strong knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Additional computer skills are a plus. This position also requires strong leadership and communication skills, an ability to follow directions well and the ability to work within a team setting, as well as independently. Previous educational experience is a plus but not necessary.
A person hired for this position will perform the following tasks:
Conduct public lectures and educational programs with elementary, high
school, and college age students
Conduct beach walk, beach clean ups, seal walks and seal cruises
Assist with grant writing
Perform daily animal husbandry tasks
Maintain the equipment and water quality of the tanks
Respond to calls about stranded marine mammals and sea turtles (requires
driving on the beach)
Assist with fundraising activities
Work with digital stills and video footage to create educational
displays and PowerPoint presentations
Assist with aerial, ship, and land based surveys on seals, sea turtles,
whales, dolphins and porpoises
One full-time position available. Health benefits after 6 months of full-time employment. Starting salary $22,000 - $25,000 a year depending on experience.
The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation is a 501 (c)
(3) not for profit organization that operates the Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Program in New York State. The primary mission of the Riverhead Foundation is to preserve and protect our marine environment through education, rehabilitation, and research.
The Riverhead Foundation is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of seals, sea turtles, whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Some of these species are critically endangered and may become extinct in our lifetime. All are protected under N.Y. State, Federal and in some cases, International Law. We are the only organization authorized by New York State to carry on this important work in conserving the marine environment. The Riverhead Foundation's Rescue Hotline is a 24-hour phone line the public may call when they discover an animal in need of our care.
The Riverhead Foundation's educational efforts are dedicated to informing the public about our marine environment and how they can aid in its preservation. The Riverhead Foundation engages in tours of the facility, after school programs, lectures, seal cruises, ecology walks, and beach cleanups to foster good stewardship of the environment.
In addition to rehabilitation and education, the Riverhead Foundation engages in research. We are currently conducting an extensive marine mammal and sea turtle abundance study throughout the coastal waters of New York State. The study encompasses aerial, shipboard, and land-based surveys. The goal of this project is to establish baseline populations for several species of marine mammals and sea turtles.
Julika Wocial
The Riverhead Foundation for
Marine research and Preservation
467 E. Main Street
Riverhead, NY 11901
tel.: 631-369-9840 x 32
fax: 631-369-9826
hotline: 631-369-9829

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Anónimo dijo...

I’m about to make you think.

It might be painful.

Have you done anything earth shattering lately?

Read anything that really sets your mind on fire with a passion to do good?

How about doing something important for yourself?

Have you?

Do you know without a doubt where you will be living a few years from now, what you will be doing, how big your bank account will be?

Got a Plan?

Know how to get there?

You gotta have goals.

That’s one of my passions. Helping people set goals, reach them, and be more productive.

By the end of today I’ll have left dozens of goal setting “nuggets” all
over the internet. I know few people will actually try to use them, but at least I’ll have tried.

I’ve been doing this for a long time. Yes, it’s blatant, but it will make you think, and perhaps act, and even get back to goal setting, something you used to do on a regular basis, but don’t have time for any more.

One person I left a “nugget” with went on to write a book he’d always wanted to write, another decided to change careers and one who bought my goal setting book is on his way to achieving greatness in the medical industry.

Often we don’t practice what we preach or do what we know we should be doing.

Are you guilty of this?

If so, this little “reminder” might help.

What will you do with this “nugget”? Ignore it or use it?

Here’s yours;

Write Goals Down

This crystallizes your goals and gives them more force.

In writing your goals down, you are better able to keep up with your scheduled tasks for each accomplishment. It also helps you to remember each task that needs to be done and allows you to check them off as they are accomplished.

Basically, you can better keep track of what you are doing so as not to repeat yourself unnecessarily.

Keep Operational Goals small

Keep the low-level goals you are working towards small and easy to achieve. If a goal is too large, then it can seem that you are not making progress towards it.

Keeping goals small and incremental allows you more opportunities for reward. Derive today's goals from larger ones. It is a great way to accomplish your goals.

Set Performance Goals, not outcome goals

You should take care to set goals over which you have as much control as possible.

There is nothing more dispiriting than failing to achieve a personal goal for reasons that are beyond your control.

These could be bad business environments, poor judging, bad weather, injury, or just plain bad luck. If you base your goals on personal your performance, then you can keep control over the achievement of your goals and get satisfaction from achieving them.

Set Realistic Goals

It is important to set goals that you can achieve.

All sorts of people (parents, media, and society) can set unrealistic goals for you which is almost a guarantee of failure. They will often do this in ignorance of your own desires and ambitions or flat out disinterest.

Alternatively you may be naive in setting very high goals. You might not appreciate either the obstacles in the way, or understand quite how many skills you must master to achieve a particular level of performance.

By being realistic you are increasing your chances of success.

Do not set goals to low

Just as it is important not to set goals unrealistically high; do not set them too low. People tend to do this where they are afraid of failure or where they simply don’t want to do anything.

You should set goals so that they are slightly out of your immediate grasp, but not so far that there is no hope of achieving them. No one will put serious effort into achieving a goal that they believe is unattainable.

However, remember that your belief that a goal is unrealistic may be incorrect. If this could be the case, you can to change this belief by using imagery effectively.

Good Luck and Happy Goal Setting!

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