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5 de octubre de 2004

Full-time Research Assistant in Community/Physiological/Ecosystem Ecology

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Atmospheric, Climatic and Environmental Dynamics Group Eco-hydrology Team
Funding is available to support one full-time research assistant interested in participating in research on community, physiological, and ecosystem ecology within the Eco-hydrology team at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Environmental Research Park. The selected applicant will be responsible for 1) maintaining long-term monitoring of vegetation dynamics and environmental/climatic conditions at the Park, and 2) maintaining continuous measurements of stable isotope composition, carbon flux, and water flux at the Park. The Park is a Piñon-Juniper woodland located at ~7000’ elevation on the slope of the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico. Research at other sites and with numerous University and National Laboratory scientists will also occur. The position salary is $39k per year with a Bachelor’s degree. The position may be renewed annually depending on performance and funds. Applicants must be willing and sufficiently fit to work long hours in the field, sometimes at remote locations, and must be eager to learn about ecology. Experience with electronics, data loggers, or technical instrumentation is beneficial but not required. Applicants with a background in biology, chemistry, physics, or computer science that are interested in field work are particularly encouraged to apply.
Please send a c.v., transcript(s) and contact information for three references to: Nate McDowell, Earth and Environmental Sciences, MS-J495, Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM 87545.
For more information, contact one of the individuals below:
Nate McDowell (mcdowell@lanl.gov), 505.665.2909
Clif Meyer (clifm@lanl.gov), 505.665.7661

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