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24 de octubre de 2004

M.S. Position available (possibility of PhD),

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Position: M.S. Position available (possibility of PhD), research in carbon sequestration in Midwest agricultural land and restored grasslands, University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Biological Sciences, Ecology and Evolution Group, Chicago, IL and Argonne National Laboratory, Environmental Research Division, Argonne, IL, starting Fall 2005. Apply before or on January 5, 2005.
Description: The applicant should have interest in evaluating the carbon sequestration potential of agricultural and restored land by means of measuring CO2 fluxes and carbon stocks in vegetation and soil. Particularly, we are interested in 1) comparing biometric measurements of plant and soil carbon stocks and fluxes to on-going eddy covariance measurements of net ecosystem exchange and 2) compare carbon dynamics and stocks for the two management practices. Opportunities exit for applying remote sensing or stable isotopes tools. This is an opportunity to participate in a newly funded multidisciplinary collaborative research program involving atmospheric and terrestrial ecology scientists. The proposed study will contribute to the North America Carbon Program
(http://www.esig.ucar.edu/nacp/nacp.pdf) providing information on the magnitude and distribution of carbon stocks and the processes that control carbon dynamics in cultivated and restored ecosystems in the U.S. Specific information about the position can be requested from Miquel Gonzalez-Meler
(mmeler@uic.edu) (312-3553928) and http://www.uic.edu/labs/meler/index.html
and Roser Matamala (630-2529270) and http://www.anl.gov/ER/research.html.
To apply, you may access graduate application information over the web at: http://www.uic.edu/depts/bios/graduate/admission%20policies.htm and by contacting Margaret Kleist (kleist@uic.edu) or Beth Ann OMalley (bethann@uic.edu), Graduate Academic Advisors, Phone: 312-996-2955, FAX: 312-355-3515. UIC is an equal opportunity employer.

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