Research assistant needed on a hyena study in Kenya ~

7 de octubre de 2004

Research assistant needed on a hyena study in Kenya

(una pasada, chicus!)

I am seeking a smart college graduate who has had prior experience living abroad, who greatly enjoys camping, and who is interested in spending the next year studying spotted hyenas and their interactions with lions in an African savannah ecosystem. I need this individual to be available to fly to Kenya within the next several weeks to join a long-term study of spotted hyenas being conducted in a national park in Kenya.
The individual selected to fill this position will live with one senior American graduate student and an African cook in a primitive tented field camp, work long hours observing hyenas from our vehicles, and conduct focal animal, scan, & critical incident sampling of hyena behavior. This individual will also help to conduct playback experiments of lion roars or control sounds, extracting DNA from hyena poop, maintaining camp & research vehicles, & transcribing field notes. I am looking for a fast learner: the individual selected to fill this position will need to learn all the (roughly 70) hyenas individually as well as all our data-collection protocols & all the hyenas' behaviors. This is a lot to learn!
For the individual selected to fill this position I will cover round trip airfare to Nairobi, health insurance, visa expenses, room & board, and provide $100 per week as a stipend once the individual is trained. Ideally the individual selected for this position would be able to remain in Kenya at least until August, 2005.
Applicants for this position should send a CV in PDF format, along with a statement indicating a) what you would hope to get out of such an experience and b) what you believe you could contribute to the project. Please be sure your phone & email contact informaiton are provided on your CV. Please also fax me a copy of your undergraduate
transcript(s) & send me names and contact information for three individuals who would be willing to serve as references. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.
Dr Kay E. Holekamp
Department of Zoology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1115
Tel: 517-432-3691
Fax: 517-432-2789

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