17 de octubre de 2004


--Waquoit Bay NERR, Falmouth (PH: 508.457.0495, EM: Deadline: 5 Nov 2004. Posting ID: 1948. Dutiees: Assist the Reserve's Research and Stewardship Coordinators with a baseline assessment of Waquoit Bay's salt and fresh water marshes and sub-tidal vegetation as part of an experimental national (NERR) bio-monitoring program. Responsibilities of this internship will include, but are not limited to helping the Reserve's research and stewardship staff to: (1)develop and organize field surveys of marsh and sub-tidal vegetation (2)carry out field surveys of marsh and sub-tidal vegetation. (3) create a geographic information systems (GIS) database and maps of marsh and sub-tidal vegetation habitat based on remotely-sensed imagery. (4) prepare a final report that includes a) marsh and sub-tidal vegetation habitat maps b) data analysis, discussion and summary, and c) a set of protocols for future marsh and sub-tidal vegetation assessments.
Qualifications: Applicant must have a BS/BA in the natural sciences (i.e., marine science, biology, geology, botany, geography, forestry, natural resource management, etc.) or its equivalent, have some experience in ecological field work, have a good facility with Microsoft Office and internet applications, and preferably have some experience with GIS and interpretation of remotely-sensed imagery, and display good report writing skills. The applicant should be able to handle strenuous outdoor activity while working in muddy salt marshes and on the water in small boats in all weather and seasons. The applicant will need to be able to operate small motorized boats and possess a valid Massachusetts Driver's license or ability to obtain one. A successful candidate must be a well-organized self-starter who works well with others in a team environment and demonstrates an ability to complete projects. Comments: ****One Year contractual position -- no benefits**** Salary: $10 TO $ 13 per hour---30 TO 40 hours a week. This position is located in South Shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the towns of Falmouth and Mashpee. To apply, send resume, cover letter, DCR application form, (this is a word document) and contact information of 2 references, no later than 5:00pm on the closing date to: JOHANNA ZABRISKIE, Acting Director of Human Resources, Department of Conservation and Recreation, 251 Causeway St., Suite 600, Boston, MA 02114-2119.

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