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4 de octubre de 2004

Técnicos Veterinarios para Mamíferos Marinos

JOB POSTING-Marine Mammal Veterinary Technicians

The Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur is seeking two candidates to fill the grant-funded positions of Veterinary Technician. These technicians will work under the guidance of full-time staff and consulting veterinarians to assist with animal intake assessment, diagnostic and pre-release examinations and ensure consistency and high quality of healthcare of each patient. They will also help oversee volunteers in all aspects of animal care.
Responsibilities: Technicians will collect blood samples, take and develop radiographs, manage wound care, administer medications and fluids and complete in-house urinalysis and fecal analysis, assist with general animal husbandry and other tasks as assigned. They will be able to operate diagnostic equipment which includes an x-ray machine, film processor, modern anesthesia system, on-site laboratory. Qualified candidates will have experience and ability as surgical assistants. Additionally, they will perform sampling upon necropsy and prepare samples for shipment to outside laboratories. They will also set-up and clean-up after all procedures listed above. Technicians will be expected to assist in production of professional quality publications and presentations for dissemination at conferences, meetings and appropriate public forums.
Qualifications: Ideal candidates will have a Registered Veterinary Technician certification, have worked in practice for one-two years and have marine mammal experience. These candidates will be able to demonstrate a proven ability to work independently, yet effectively, with volunteers and be adept at performing medical procedures such as venipuncture, wound management, administration of fluids, assisting with ultrasound, radiology and surgery, and administration of anesthesia. Additionally, these candidates will possess the ability to work with, handle and restrain animals ranging in size from 20-600 pounds. Successful candidates will have the ability to maintain medical inventory and keep accurate records.
Positions are grant-funded for a two year period for up to 30 hours /week (up to 4 days/week), at a rate of $15/hr.
For general information on the facility, please go to our website at www.mar3ine.org. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE Please submit cover letter and resume to:
Jackie Jaakola, Director
Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur
3601 S. Gaffey St.
San Pedro, CA 90731
Positions will be filled as soon as appropriate candidates are found.

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