Field Scientist II ~

27 de noviembre de 2004

Field Scientist II

TNC JOB TITLE: Field Scientist II
SUPERVISOR: Program Zoologist, New York Natural Heritage Program
LOCATION: NYS DEC, Albany, New York
PREPARED BY: Paul Novak & David E. VanLuven
DATE PREPARED: November 6, 2002 modified September 1, 2004

The Zoologist participates as a team member on various projects (particularly those involving field inventories) and serves as the primary zoologist for one or more of these projects. He/She is responsible for various project-related tasks, including project planning, landscape analyses, field surveys for rare animal species, literature reviews, element occurrence record transcription, and report preparation. He/She assists in the development of the zoological components of the NY Natural Heritage databases and serves as the primary zoologist for two or more taxonomic groups. The Zoologist oversees one or more contractors and serves as the project manager for one or more projects. He/She may serve as a mentor for other staff on activities on which he/she has particular expertise, but does not supervise other staff.
1. Manage & Coordinate Projects: Serve as project manager for
projects by coordinating the work of NY Natural Heritage staff and contractors working on selected projects and training contractors as needed. Review contracts, administer project budgets, and act as a liaison to project sponsors in coordination with the Program Zoologist and Director. Present project overviews at conferences and meetings and write periodic progress reports and final reports as needed.
2. Field Work: Conduct landscape analyses to identify potential
inventory sites using remote sensing data, other digital and hard-copy data layers, and information from the scientific literature, government agencies, and knowledgeable individuals. Conduct field surveys to document rare species in project areas using the methods and techniques developed by the Natural Heritage Network and other experts.
3. Database Management: Assist the Program Zoologist in the
management of rare animal information through the review/development of element occurrence specifications, element occurrence ranks, and population of the characterization abstracts database for animal species in two or more taxonomic groups, and maintenance of the animal element files. Transcribe, update, map, and quality control rare animal element occurrence records.
4. Listing: Assist the Program Zoologist in maintaining the
Element State Ranking database for animals, including the completion of state ranking fields, by serving as the primary zoologist for two or more taxonomic groups.
5. Innovation: Participate in the ongoing development of new
tools, methods, processes, and techniques that improve the collection, storage, interpretation, dissemination, and application of NY Natural Heritage information.
6. Communications: Communicate the role of the NY Natural Heritage
Program in the conservation of New York's biodiversity, and explain the utility of inventories and landscape analyses to partners and potential clients. In collaboration with the Program Zoologist and Director, communicate regularly with key project partners, including NYS DEC wildlife biologists, and others to maintain strong partnerships and facilitate effective conservation.
7. Fund Raising: Assist in the identification and development of
funding proposals that will improve the NY Natural Heritage Program's effectiveness at enabling and enhancing conservation.
8. Information Requests: Respond to requests for zoological
information from the NY Natural Heritage database and provide interpretation, as needed.
9. Mentor: Serve as a mentor for other staff on activities on
which he/she has particular expertise, through in-house training sessions and collaboration on project activities.
1. Advanced degree in Zoology, Wildlife Ecology/Science or a
related biological science with course work and field experience indicating a knowledge of rare and state-listed animals (including
birds) of New York State and their habitats, or comparable work or research experience. Field inventory skills desired, both zoological field methods and animal species identification.
2. Demonstrated experience with aerial photograph and topographic
map interpretation. Project management and administrative experience, database management, word processing, and computer mapping skills desirable.
3. Ability to work effectively with others under pressure and tight
deadlines in a busy office environment. Capable of working independently to complete projects.
4. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Ability to
write technical reports utilizing available resources.
5. Willingness to travel throughout New York State and endure the
rigors of field work for long days and extended periods.
6. Comfort articulating and advocating for the NY Natural Heritage
Program's biodiversity conservation mission.
STARTING DATE: mid-late February, 2005
Direct resume, cover letter, and the names of three references to:
Paul Novak, Program Zoologist
New York Natural Heritage Program
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway, Albany, NewYork 12233-4757
The Nature Conservancy is an equal opportunity employer.

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