Two Postdoctoral Research Fellowships ~

27 de noviembre de 2004

Two Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

( es una gentileza de:
Centro de Información Administrativa del MAP
FCR/SIAB (Fundacio Catalana per la Recerca) y
Centro de Comunicaciones RedIRIS (RED.ES)
(Permitida la reproducción siempre que se cite la fuente de este Servicio). Becas Ayudas y subvenciones del MCYT
Servicios de Distribuci\363n de RedIRIS:

Procedencia: Dimitrios Stamou


Two Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
at the Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory.
Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen
Applications are invited for two postdoctoral research positions funded by the
University of Copenhagen. The successful applicants will be energetic individuals with a
strong list of publications, a high degree of initiative and the will to engage in
interdisciplinary collaborations. The projects deal with a) microarraying of lipidic
nanocontainer systems on surfaces for the controlled manipulation and study of
biomolecules and b) interfacing of lipid vesicles with inorganic nanocomponents like
nanowires and nanoparticles.
The candidate's expertise should include some of the following topics: self-assembled
monolayers, lipid membranes, nanoparticle synthesis and functionalisation, surface
patterning (µCP, DPN), fluorescent techniques applied to the study of biomolecules
(confocal microscopy, FCS, SMD).
The facilities of the BNL include a new fully equipped molecular biology lab, a state
of the art confocal microscope with FCS, several AFMs and two DPN stations. The
environment guaranties excellent working conditions, stimulating collaborations and
access to the infrastructure of the Center and of many world leading research groups.
Deadline for applications: November 26th. Please send application including: a cover
letter, CV, list of publications and two reference letters to: Dr. Dimitrios Stamou, Nano-
Science Center, Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Los artículos de OFER-TRABEC son distribuidos gracias al apoyo y colaboración
técnica de RedIRIS - Red Académica española - (

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