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12 de diciembre de 2004

Oferta de trabajo con delfines

Me suena haberlo leído antes, pero por si acaso lo cuelgo, que la gente está ansiosa por estos bichitos...

From: Sarah WIlson sarah@dolphins.org
Dolphin Research Center (DRC) currently has one full-time opening for Research Staff. DRC is a not-for-profit education & research facility located on Grassy Key, Florida & home to 16 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and 2 California Sealions. Current investigations involve behavior, cognition, & communications systems of the dolphins & sea lions that reside permanently at DRC. More information about the facility can be found at http://www.dolphins.org.
Requirements: (a) Computer skills, including familiarity with Excel/spreadsheet & MS Word. Knowlege of MS Access is a plus. (b) Adept with electronic equipment including video, VCR, and audio recording equipment.
(C) Must work well individually, be organized, flexible, and detail oriented. (d) Must be able to lift 50 lbs. (e) Must be able to create and/or modify research equipment using common materials, such as PVC pipe.
(f) Must take direction easily and be team player. (g) Previous reasearch or animal background is helpful. (h) College degree preferred.
Duties: This is an entry level position and the primary job function is to support the department with on-going research projects at DRC. Duties include, but are not limited to (a) equipment set-up, operation, and break-down for research sessions, (b) troubleshooting and maintenance of research equipment, (c) data collection, analysis, and preparation of summary reports, (d) Communicating training progress or issues to appropriate parties, (e) Assisting wherever needed to keep research on track and progressing smoothly, and (f) Create and/or locate props needed for research sessions.
E-mail resume to drc-hr@dolphins.org. Closing date for the position is 01/31/05.

Sarah Wilson
Assistant Director of Education
Dolphin Research Center
Twenty years of teaching, learning, and caring for marine mammals and the environment we share.

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