19 de enero de 2005


Project Description/Services Required:
We are conducting a study to determine the distribution and abundance of breeding long-billed curlews (LBCUs) in the western United States. Road-based survey routes from randomly selected locations throughout the west will be driven by teams of two technicians, who will stop at regularly-spaced survey points to count LBCUs and record vegetation, land use, and other site characteristics. The typical day will consist of approximately 6 hours of survey work, 2-4 hours of travel by vehicle to the next survey location, and a night of car camping on public land or private campground. The typical work week will be 40-50 hours with the hours spread unevenly among days, but may exceed 50 hours. The approximate start date is March 16, 2005, and the approximate end date is May 20, 2005. A 2-4 day orientation/training course at the Fort Collins Science Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, will be given before survey work commences. We will provide a government vehicle for travel between survey locations, survey-related field gear (e.g., spotting scopes, binoculars, GPS units, laser rangefinders, cell phones), and some camping gear (e.g., tents, stoves, coolers). If you are a birder and enjoy camping, and would like to be paid to explore the west counting birds, then this job is perfect for you.
Completion of two or more years of college-level coursework in wildlife, ecology, or a closely-related discipline is desirable. Applicants should be competent at bird identification, map-reading, and camping, and ideally would have previous field research experience. You must be a licensed driver, and a student (undergraduate or graduate) currently enrolled in a degree program or a former student that graduated within12 months of the position start date (see eligibility below). I am looking for mature, responsible, and self motivated individuals who work well with others and do not need constant supervision. CPR and first aid skills are desirable.

Students are considered independent contractors and are paid by purchase order (direct deposit to a checking or savings account). Compensation is based on education level, where the rate is $13.42/hr for 2 or more years of college, $15.01/hr for a BA/BS degree, $18.60/hr for BA/BS +1 year grad school, etc. Overtime will be paid at the usual hourly rate (no time and a half), and there will be no paid holidays, vacation time, or sick time. Per diem for meals/cost of food during field surveys will be provided by the USGS in the same manner as for federal employees, in accordance with the Government Travel Regulations. The student is responsible for all costs of transportation to and from the Fort Collins Science Center, Fort Collins, Colorado.
Students working under purchase orders must provide evidence of current enrollment prior to award. This can be a letter from the university admissions office, a current registration card, or other documentary evidence of the student's current status. Former students are eligible for only 12 months following the date the degree was earned (documentation, such as a photocopy of the diploma, is required); students who left school without graduating are not eligible.
How to apply:
Please email (preferred), FAX, or snail mail your resume to Dr. Tom Stanley, USGS Fort Collins Science Center, 2150 Centre Ave. Bldg. C, Fort Collins, CO 80526. Email: Phone: 970-226-9360.
FAX: 970-226-9230. The deadline for submission of resumes is February 8, 2005. Please include the following:
1. Full legal name
2. Mailing address
3. Telephone number (landline and cell)
4. Email address
5. Date of birth
6. Citizenship and, if not a US citizen, immigration/VISA status 7. Education, including descriptions of relevant classes and grades 8. Work or volunteer experience related to the scientific field 9. Three references with contact information

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