Doctorado en Dinamarca ~

21 de enero de 2005

Doctorado en Dinamarca

A vacant position as Ph.D. student is available at the Biological Institute, University of Copenhagen, from March the 1st 2005 to February the 29th 2008. The position is part of a larger research project, Changes in community structure and microevolution in marine protists, which is funded by the Danish Natural Science Research Council.
A description of the project, is available at , where the full text of the job posting is also available.
The project aims at studying viability and changes in genetic variation over time in marine protists by analysis of genetic markers in organisms preserved in marine sediment layers. It will focus on diatoms, dinoflagellates, kinetoplastids and cercomonads in laminated marine sediments with an age of up to 120 years. The successful applicant should therefore have firsthand knowledge of one or more types of unicellular protists and personal experience concerning laboratory work with basic molecular techniques (PCR, sequencing) on unicellular protists.
Marianne Ellegaard, Assoc. Prof.
Department of Phycology
Botanical Institute
University of Copenhagen
Øster Farimagsgade 2D
DK-1353 Copenhagen K
Phone: + 45 35 32 22 92
Fax: + 45 35 32 23 21

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