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20 de enero de 2005

Entomology Internship - U.S. Geological Survey - Kilauea Field Station, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii.

Closing date: Jan. 31, 2005
Two interns are needed to assist with field and laboratory research to survey native and alien invertebrate populations as well as with studies directed at conservation of rare endemic species and alien species control.
Approximately two days per week will be devoted to population monitoring of western yellowjacket wasps and two-spotted leafhoppers, with the potential for surveying drosophila and ants. Interns will also assist with small-scale trials relating to wasp bait efficacy and effects of non-target insects. Three days per week will be devoted to laboratory work for studies of feral pig disturbance and nutrient limitation on litter and soil arthropods in Hawaiian forests. The primary duty is sorting preserved insects from pan traps, pitfall traps, and soil and litter samples to the taxonomic level of order or below. Additional lab and office duties include invertebrate processing, as well as data entry, proofing, and some data analysis. Interns may also assist with a global climate change research project and other project duties as assigned.
Interns must be able to perform repetitive, mundane tasks with sustained accuracy. Undergraduate seniors or recent graduates with coursework in entomology or related fields are encouraged to apply. Previous experience identifying insects or other invertebrates is desirable. Familiarity with invertebrate taxonomy, insect orders and insect morphology; ability to identify insects to order by sight; and ability to use keys to identify insects to family or species are highly desirable. Familiarity with dichotomous keys and Microsoft XP is helpful. Applicants must be in excellent physical condition, willing to work in rugged, montane mesic and wet forests, and be prepared to work around live insects. Map and compass skills are also desirable.
Positions require a 4-month commitment, starting in February. Housing and stipend ($400/month), field equipment, and training are provided. Interns are responsible for airfare to and from Hilo, HI.
Please email a cover letter, resume, unofficial copy of transcripts, and the email addresses of 3 references to Karl Magnacca, email: karl_magnacca@usgs.gov (or you may fax your application to 808.967.7153).

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