PhD position in Animal Behaviour: ~

27 de enero de 2005

PhD position in Animal Behaviour:

"Sex role dynamics of gobies: proximate and ultimate causes" Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
A PhD position in Animal Behaviour is currently being offered at the Dept. of Biology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim. The position relates to the research project "Sex role dynamics in gobies: proximate and ultimate causes". The project is a collaboration between Elisabet Forsgren (PI), Trond Amundsen (co-PI), both at the NTNU, and Iain Barber (Univ. of Wales), Hanna Kokko (Univ. of Helsinki) and Ian Mayer (Univ. of Bergen), and is funded by the Research Council of Norway.
The Dept. of Biology at the NTNU ( includes about 35 professors and associate professors and their research groups; about 20 of the professors work within the disciplines of animal behaviour, evolution, ecology and animal physiology. The department is situated in a new and well-equipped building at the main university campus.
The research project to which the position is linked aims to explore the strength of sexual selection and the understanding of animal sex roles, using the two-spotted goby, a small marine fish, as a model species. Studies within the project will include a combination of field and lab work, addressing both ultimate functions and proximate mechanisms, as well as theoretical modelling. The PhD plan of the appointed candidate will be affected by the candidate's interests and competence within these fields.
Field and lab work are planned at Kristineberg Marine Research Station at the west coast of Sweden, but the PhD position will be based at the NTNU, Trondheim.
Qualifications of importance in assessing candidates include:
- educational background
- ability to work both independently and in a group
- writing skills
- experience in presenting scientific material - written and oral
- ability to solve practical problems
- organisational ability
- motivation
The decision on whom to appoint will essentially consider the applicants' potential for conducting a successful PhD project of a high quality. Short-listed candidates will likely be interviewed.
The position is for three years within which the candidate appointed is expected to complete her/his PhD. The monthly starting salary is NOK 23.958. There is a 2% reduction for superannuation.
For more information contact:
Elisabet Forsgren,, tel. +47 73 595365
(office) or +47 48062858 (mobile) or
Trond Amundsen,, tel. +47 73 596293
(office) or +47 91897293 (mobile)
Dr Elisabet Forsgren
Department of Biology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
NO-7491 Trondheim
Tel: +47 73 595365 (direct), 596297 (secr.)
Fax: +47 73 591309
Home: Tyrihansveien 9, NO-7056 Ranheim, tel. +47 73 571911 mobile phone: +47 48062858
Elisabet Forsgren

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