20 de enero de 2005


Denver Botanic Gardens and the United States Botanic Garden are seeking applicants for a new Applied Plant Conservation Training Program, which will take place in June 2005. National leaders in the fields of plant conservation, ecology and botanic garden management will teach selected applicants the _in situ_ and _ex situ_ techniques used in the research, documentation, conservation and reintroduction of rare plants.
Successful applicants will have the option of attending either a one-week program on the application of conservation tools and techniques featuring the Center for Plant Conservation, or a two-week program that includes the role of botanic gardens in conservation, an overview of national-international resources, and program development and grant writing for conservation programs.
Students and professionals may also
apply for an eight-week paid research internship that follows the two-week program. In the model of REU programs, interns will work in their choice of research, development, or horticultural fields with professional mentors on a project they help design. Research projects include foci on rare plant conservation and habitat restoration as well as options in program development and horticulture.
Admission is limited and highly competitive with an application deadline of March 1, 2005. For more information and application materials, see our website at
Anna A. Sher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Director

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