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27 de febrero de 2005

2005 session of the Fish Lake Biological Program

Biology students, education students, in-service teachers:
Everyone is invited to enroll in the 2005 session of the Fish Lake Biological Program, which is jointly run by Wayne State University and Eastern Michigan University. One- to three-week courses are available including Field Biology (plant and animal techniques, 3 cr.), Animal Behavior (3 cr.), Survey of the Animal Kingdom (half at the field station and half at the Detroit Zoo, 2 cr.), and many others. A full schedule is available at www.emich.edu/public/fishlake/summer.htm . For more information, contact Leslie Mertz at ab2530@wayne.edu .
Thank you,
Leslie Mertz
Leslie Mertz, Ph.D.
Wayne State University, Fish Lake Biological Program
Grzimek's Student Animal Life (Detroit, MI: Gale Group, 2004-2005) - amphibian, reptile, mammal and bird chapters The Circulatory System (Westport, CN: Greenwood Press: September 2004) Grzimek's Animal Life (Detroit, MI: Gale Group, 2003-2004) - reptile, mammal, fish, bird, invertebrate chapters Recent Advances and Issues in Biology (Phoenix: Oryx Press, 2000)

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