24 de febrero de 2005


Opportunities for Volunteering in association with the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre, New Quay, West Wales 2005

For more information please visit our website
We are recruiting willing volunteers to assist with our ongoing research and education programmes concerning the marine wildlife of Cardigan Bay.
Volunteers are needed from mid March until mid October 2005.
Undergraduate and postgraduate student research projects can be supported with boat time and office space.
Please contact us to discuss feasible projects email:
We support non-invasive and non-disruptive research.
About the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre (Est.1996):
The Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre, based in New Quay, West Wales is a non-profit organisation run by a group dedicated to working for and in the interest of Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre. The group is part of and affiliated to the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.
Our headquarters are located in the heart of New Quay in a heritage building overlooking the beautiful beach and harbour. This facility is a valuable and important marine wildlife and conservation asset, which is used for interpretation, education and research and furthermore acts as a focal point of interest and reference for visitors to the area.
The Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre is dedicated to promoting public awareness of the marine species, habitats and conservation of the marine wildlife in Cardigan Bay through research and education. It is also dedicated to forming links and working with established marine conservation and research groups to set up specific projects and new initiatives both within and outside the local area.
The primary purpose of our ongoing research, licensed by Countryside Council for Wales and supported by Environment Wales, is to monitor the marine mammal populations found within Cardigan Bay's Special Area of Conservation
(cask) and beyond. We endeavour to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of the local marine wildlife and habitats, to encourage respect and conservation of these important entities and to ensure the long term well-being of these animals and the local marine environment.
Our intention is to establish an enduring and stimulating education programme for all. We also aim to provide interpretational materials on the species and habitats in Cardigan Bay and to conduct public awareness initiatives.
This is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to make a positive contribution to marine wildlife research, to gain knowledge and experience of the species and habitats in Cardigan Bay and of public awareness and education programmes.
Volunteers are required to:

Boat Based Work
o Assist with boat based photo identification surveys.
o Assist with collection of data on marine mammals & other wildlife
in Cardigan Bay
o Act as a marine mammal "lookout".
o Educate passengers about the wildlife in Cardigan Bay.
o Assist with other ongoing projects at our centre including
opportunistic jellyfish surveys and sunfish surveys amongst others.
o Help crew research vessel, Sulaire.

Land-based work
o Assist with the day-to-day operation of our Cardigan Bay Marine
Wildlife visitor centre, including staffing the front desk, taking boat bookings and answering enquiries.
o Advise visitors to the centre and the public about the Marine
Wildlife in Cardigan Bay and the work that is being conducted.
o Help develop the facilities at the Marine Wildlife Centre.
o Creation and regular updating of our website pages with sightings
and other information.
o Conduct land based surveys from New Quay in conjunction with
Ceredigion County Council.
o Record sightings information, update sightings boards in our centre
and central database with information gained from our boat and land based research surveys.
o Assist with analysis & cataloguing of photo identification of the
bottlenose dolphins.
o Assist with research and production of our education programme and
interpretational materials.

Desired skills/qualifications:
o Fluency in English (essential).
o Willingness to work in a conscientious, responsible and reliable
o Enthusiastic and hard working.
o An interest in wildlife and conservation.
o An interest and knowledge of British cetaceans would be an
o A background in biology, particularly marine biology/environmental
o A background in environmental interpretation or education and
experience working with children is desirable.
o Experience working with the public, and public speaking would be
o Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
o IT skills.

Volunteer positions are available from mid March until October 2005; commitment for a minimum of 2 weeks is required. Priority will be given to volunteers available for longer periods.

Accommodation can be arranged for committed volunteers (approx 45 - 50GBP per week). (Note - We are currently looking into sources of funding for subsistence contributions for our volunteers)
Volunteers are responsible for their own food, travel and accommodation costs.
For further information about the work we do please visit - <>

To apply:
Please contact us by email at and include a copy of your CV detailing your background and relevant experience together with a covering letter indicating when and how long you are available to volunteer.

Or alternatively post your application to:
Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre
Patent Slip Building
Glanmor Terrace
New Quay
SA45 9PS
West Wales (UK)

Tel: +44 (0) 1545 560032/ (0) 7796135490

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