field technicians for the 2005 summer field season ~

24 de febrero de 2005

field technicians for the 2005 summer field season

The Jasper Fire Monitoring of Soil and Vegetation project with Colorado State University will hire 1 to 2 field technicians for the 2005 summer field season to assist in the maintenance of permanent field sites, vegetation measurements, and sample collections. This position will require organizational, navigational, and time management skills. Enthusiastic, highly motivated individuals with previous experience working in forests or burned areas are preferable. Thorough training will be provided in all methodologies and with equipment, including the use of GPS. All equipment and remaining supplied will be returned to the project at the end of the season.

Fieldwork will be conducted in areas burned by the Jasper fire in 2000 on the Black Hills National Forest in southwestern South Dakota. These sites are similar to other burned sites in that the environment is open, often hot and dry or wet and cool. Monitoring will be conducted under normal summer field conditions for the Black Hills.

Working hours vary from 8-10 hours/day, although the crew leader may schedule longer or shorter days or workweeks to facilitate scheduling. For ex., a 40 hours workweek may consist of 5, eight hour days or 4, ten hour days. In the event of inclement weather, a 6th day may be required to complete the work week. Overtime compensation will not be provided.

Salary will be commensurate with experience starting at $10.50/hr. Summer housing (May-August) will be provided in or around Custer, SD. Approximate dates of employment are May 15th through August 15th. You will be responsible for transportation to The Black Hills. During the summer, transportation will be provided to/from work sites/house.

Please send resumes (in MS Word format) via email to Include telephone number and email address. If you require further information regarding this position, contact Tara Keyser at (970) 491-0491.

Tara Keyser
Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship
Colorado State Universtiy
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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