9 de febrero de 2005


needed for field and laboratory work on
cavity-nesting birds at Los Alamos National Laboratory in north-central
New Mexico, from early May through Aug 2005. The assistant will work in
cooperation with Los Alamos National Laboratory and Utah State
University on a project examining the effects of foraging on contaminant
exposure in cavity-nesting birds or a project on the immunophenotyping
of birds in response to West Nile Virus. In the field, responsibilities
will include mist-netting, capturing, banding, collecting nests and
blood samples from adult and nestling birds. Some training will be
provided if needed. Observations will also be conducted on behavior,
movement and foraging activities to determine the home range of sampled
individuals. Participants must be willing to hike a significant amount
in order to monitor nestboxes on a daily basis. Field work may require
early working hours. A B.S. degree in wildlife or biology and particular
knowledge and interest in ornithology with field experience is
preferred. Please send resume with 3 references to KAIA COLESTOCK
(Email: at Utah State University or DR. JEANNE FAIR
(EM: at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM.

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