27 de febrero de 2005


(Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center): Several temporary positions (one GS-07 position and five GS-05 positions) have opened at Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (US Geological Survey). We will be hiring one crew leader (GS-07) and five field assistants (GS-05) for grassland bird studies in the northern and central Great Plains. Field work will encompass censusing breeding bird populations (including songbirds, waterfowl, shorebirds, and other birds) in native and tame grasslands (and associated wetlands) using an established monitoring protocol. Qualified applicants should be able to identify birds that breed in the Great Plains by sight and sound, be familiar with survey and monitoring techniques, and possess good auditory and visual acuity. Applicants must be in excellent physical condition, and possess good communication and organizational! skills. The ability to work both independently and with others is essential. The crew leader will supervise, organize, and coordinate the activities of field crews, including training technician(s) in the correct use of field forms and techniques, organizing field equipment, confirming quality and accuracy of data, and alerting project leaders to procedural, technical, and logistical problems. Positions typically start in late April to mid-May and end in
mid-July to mid-August. Salaries are $13.21/hour for the five GS-05
positions and $16.36/hour for the GS-07 (crew leader) position. U.S. citizenship is required; however, U.S. citizens living in other countries, naturalized U.S. citizens, and any individuals who can prove dual U.S. citizenship also may apply for and be considered for these positions. HOW TO APPLY: These positions will be open from 23 February to 8 March 2005, and will require that individuals officially appl! y through the Federal Online Automated Recruitment System (OARS), which can be accessed at Once you are in the OARS Web site, click on 'Login to OARS.' A welcome screen will appear prompting you through the system and allowing you to apply for the jobs. The positions are listed under the category 'Public Status Vacancies'. The numbers for the job announcements are: GS-05 (CR-2005-0127) and GS-07 (CR-2005-0126). PLEASE NOTE that you must officially apply for the positions by visiting the above web site and completing the appropriate forms on the necessary Web pages.

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