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17 de febrero de 2005

Wildlife Biologist / Animal Ecologist

Charis Corporation is seeking an innovative and self-motivated biologist = to monitor and conserve the fauna of Fort Irwin, a large military = training base in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. The wildlife = biologist develops and conducts surveys and monitoring activities for = sensitive animal species; assesses and documents environmental quality; = and collects and disseminates information about the fauna to regional = scientists.
The wildlife biologist takes an active role in performing many of the = following duties: archives, retrieves, and analyzes survey and = monitoring data from GIS (Geographic Information Systems); participates = in regional ecological monitoring programs, particularly for the = threatened desert tortoise; creates maps and analyzes data to determine = the status of fauna on Fort Irwin; develops and implements an automated = data archiving process for all wildlife related activities; drafts = annual reports for USFWS; coordinates university studies and surveys of = the desert tortoise, Mohave ground squirrel, and other animal species; = and ensures that all data and reports are developed in appropriate = digital and written formats. The qualified candidate must be capable of = obtaining official California Game Warden status.
The qualified candidate will have a BS in Wildlife Biology, Biology, (MS =
preferred) or related field, with 4 years of increasingly complex and = progressive experience. Applicants must be capable of working outside = in hot, dry, sunny conditions, and must be able to walk 5 miles and = carry loads of up to 25 pounds. Experience with the following is =
desired: Environmental review process needed for the Endangered Species = Act, Sikes Act, and National Environmental Policy Act; Windows software = (MS Office, Access, ArcView, ArcGIS); public speaking; desert ecology; = desert tortoise (or other reptile) surveys, compliance, or telemetry; = report writing and editing; team-building skills; and the ability to = work independently.
Please see our website www.charisps.com for more company information. = Fax resume to (909) 388-2998 or email bellr@charisps.com. EOE.

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